rotation speed

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rotation speed (VR)

The speed used in determining the takeoff performance at which the pilot initiates the change in attitude of the aircraft with the intention of leaving the ground. This speed is normally a function of aircraft weight and flap setting, but it can vary with altitude and temperature. It should be such that rotation at this speed will result in the aircraft becoming airborne and rapidly attaining the takeoff safety speed (V2). The scheduled rotation speed is typically equal to or greater than 1.05 VMCA (minimum control speed in air) and V1 (decision speed). See also V1 and V2.
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When the first stage output crankshaft 2v rotation speed is [n.
In hypothetical early Venus, with a slow rotation speed, the climate model predicts significant layers of cloud cover that would've shielded the young planet from the increased level of solar radiation it received relative to Earth.
a) When the tool rotation speed was lower than 500 rpm, tunnel defect was at the middle of retreating side of weld region.
The smaller-sized tank washing nozzles are designed to fit through openings as small as 2", while maintaining a slow and controlled rotation speed.
To be fair, most of these process parameters have to be determined before screw rotation speed (rpm) and time can be addressed.
The world's rotation speed can change slightly, by up to milliseconds per day, because of shifts in winds or the movement of fluid in Earth's interior.
However, the biggest advantage of the reengineered PTFE design is the slower rotation speed.
The clamp's fast rotation speed permits quick vertical to bilge transitions, while the unique arm profile allows the clamp to handle rolls in small spaces and tightly stacked aisles.
There are more, but the final one is rotation speed must be achieved by a predetermined point or abort.
U1) and rotation speed was measured applying an impulse meter (Vibro-Meter JP 1412).
The rotation speed of the traversing gear can be finely controlled.