rotation speed

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rotation speed (VR)

The speed used in determining the takeoff performance at which the pilot initiates the change in attitude of the aircraft with the intention of leaving the ground. This speed is normally a function of aircraft weight and flap setting, but it can vary with altitude and temperature. It should be such that rotation at this speed will result in the aircraft becoming airborne and rapidly attaining the takeoff safety speed (V2). The scheduled rotation speed is typically equal to or greater than 1.05 VMCA (minimum control speed in air) and V1 (decision speed). See also V1 and V2.
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The average SB and GF ratios as functions of screw rotation speed and waiting time are plotted in Fig.
Based on the annular polishing motion simulation and the Preston equation, four influential parameters can be determined: as polishing solution, polishing pad, polishing time, and rotation speed of polishing disc, respectively.
Figure 2(a) indicates the actual rotation speed of the motor with BS method and the proposed DOB-BS method in the presence of the above disturbances load, respectively.
The L110 can carry out two-stage shifting of the motor rotation speed. In comparison, the L310 includes the shift device located on the output shaft of the power split device.
Torque-effect and rotation speed with respect to finger's move made the technique more realistic.
At nominal load the CR1 crankshaft input rotation speed is [n.sub.1] = 750 rpm the first stage output shaft as CR2 second stage input shaft with 12 rollers rotation speed is [n.sub.2] = 750 / 17 = 44,1176 rpm.
In this study, Si[O.sub.2] nanorod structures were fabricated on a 3 x 1 [inch.sup.2] glass slide substrate by the GLAD technique using an electron beam evaporator (Modified SEE-7, Ultech, Co., Ltd., Korea) equipped with a sample holder capable of oblique angle deposition and rotation speed control.
In some cases, a low rotation speed of the solid is needed, while in others a higher rotation provides the necessary conditions to achieve the given purpose [5, 11, 12].
After turning on the spin coater and before starting the LIBS measurements or stopping the rotation to photograph the film surface, we waited at least 30 s to stabilize first the rotation speed and successively the liquid film thickness.
Experimental tests facilities have been developed at FPInnovations (Canada's national forest products research institute) (Lumber Manufacturing Pilot Plant, Vancouver, Canada) which enables the measurement of the variation of natural frequencies of the blade with its rotation speed. A schematic of the experimental setup is presented in Figure 10.
With a single WT1800E, you can measure all the electrical power parameters along with rotation speed, torque, mechanical power, synchronous speed, slip, motor efficiency, and total