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(ro͞ozh), river, c.30 mi (50 km) long, rising in S Michigan and winding S and SE to the Detroit River at the city of River Rouge. Dearborn and part of Detroit also lie on the river, which carries much of the raw material used by Detroit's industries.


see cosmeticscosmetics,
preparations externally applied to change or enhance the beauty of skin, hair, nails, lips, and eyes. The use of body paint for ornamental and religious purposes has been common among primitive peoples from prehistoric times (see body-marking).
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the site of fortified and unfortified towns of the sixth through 11th centuries in Võru Raion, Estonian SSR, in the vicinity of a population center of the same name. Rõuge is located on the slope of an ancient runoff valley (Rõuge Valley of Lakes), which was formed in the period before the Ice Age and in the period after the Ice Age. Archaeological excavations conducted in the area from 1951 to 1959 by the Soviet archaeologist M. Kh. Shmidekhel’m uncovered the remains of dwellings, hearths, and pottery. The inhabitants of Rõuge engaged in farming, cattle breeding, and the working of metal, bone, and stone.


Shmidekhel’m, M. Kh. “Gorodishche Ryuge ν iugo-vostochnoi Estonii.” In Tr. Pribaltiiskoi ob”edinennoi kompleksnoi ekspeditsii, vol. I. Moscow, 1959.


Finely divided, hydrated iron oxide, used in polishing glass, metal, or gems, and as a pigment.
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