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Workers have startes excavating the foundation and rough grading the 12-acre site, the church said on its website.
The project consisted of on-site work including rough grading and utility stubs for the residential parcel, site work and building pads for five additional buildings and modification of the existing detention pond to the east.
The city will consider a final plat for the first round of 193 units this month, and Lennar already has begun rough grading work at the site.
Portions of the building will be demolished, a portion of the reserve update as part of a 2008 bond measure will remain, and site work and rough grading will be done in the primate area.
Century Construction completed the initial site preparation, including clearing and grubbing, placing the geo-grid and fabric across the site, bringing the site to grade level, and installing drainage structures prior to completion of final rough grading.
Now the construction work is limited to site preparation, rough grading, the installation of battery limit fences and so forth.
Rough grading, parking lots, and landscaping were bid separately.
Since the ceremony, about half of the construction work has been done, with foundations for a seat wall, the flagpoles, the monuments, the rough grading and excavation completed, Reuter said.
The scope of work is to include demolition of portions of the building, site work and rough grading in the primate area.