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I shook him as little as I could help, but once or twice on the rough ground he called out, "Steady!
While some of the surest marksmen advanced cautiously with their rifles into the rough ground, four of the best mounted horsemen took their stations in the plain, to run the bulls down should they only be maimed.
Woola was quickly made to understand our desires, so that it was unnecessary to attempt to keep in sight of the animal whose swift flight over the rough ground soon put him beyond our vision.
I couldn't see but a little ways, but I went poking along over rough ground for a quarter of a mile or more, and then I run across a big old-fashioned double log-house before I noticed it.
He was bareheaded, and notwithstanding the swiftness with which he passed as has been described, the Knight of the Rueful Countenance observed and noted all these trifles, and though he made the attempt, he was unable to follow him, for it was not granted to the feebleness of Rocinante to make way over such rough ground, he being, moreover, slow-paced and sluggish by nature.
Bright flashes of lightning lit up every raindrop, and with them came cracks of thunder that went away rumbling and bumping as though Saint Swithin were busy rolling great casks of water across rough ground overhead.
To assist its off-road credentials, the Allroad gets hill descent control and tilt angle assist, which displays the current degree of tilt on the infotainment screen when on particularly rough ground.
Transportation between the cemeteries will be by vehicle, but four must be reached on foot by walking over rough ground. Boots or sturdy shoes are recommended.
Leave rough ground, brushy fencerows, and swamps or bogs alone on your property to give furbearers room to live.
But it was back to reality for Skinner and anglers on JFK TWO when he returned - during a brief calm spell a party fishing the rough ground took around 55 cod, with the best hitting 6-7lb.
"He slipped and fell off the unfinished parapet down to the rough ground and had several severe injuries.
FMG has now applied for planning permission to formalise hundreds of parking spaces on rough ground adjacent to the site.