round notch

saddle notch

saddle notches
At a corner in log cabin construction, a rounded notch cut near one end in the lower surface of a horizontal log; forms an interlocking joint when mated with a similarly notched log set at a right angle to it. Occasionally, this term is also used for a double-saddle notch, which is cut in both sides of a round log; in such instances, the logs at right angles are unnotched.
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The sight would be cut from angle iron material and milled to size with a small 0.075* half round notch for the front bead.
3) A round notch with a radius of 0.5 mm was shaped with a convex milling cutter; and its ligament thickness was 3 mm, as shown in Fig.
The elastic-plastic analysis of a stress distribution around a round notch is shown in Fig.
Since the notch geometry affects the opening stress and hydrostatic tension ahead of the tip, we here investigate the effects of the wedge angle on the stresses and deformation patterns near a sharp notch tip and a round notch tip in pressure-sensitive materials.
Figure 11 shows the slip lines surrounding round notch tips for [Mu] = 0.13 and [Gamma] = 0, [Pi]/8 and [Pi]/4.
Figure 13 shows the stresses normalized by [[Sigma].sub.0] directly ahead of a round notch tip as functions of r/a for [Gamma] = [Pi]/8 and [Mu] = 0, 0.13 and 0.3.
Enough to make indentations in concrete (as I found when I discovered round notches in our bathroom wall).