round roof

rainbow roof

1. Same as compass roof.
2. Same as ship’s bottom roof.
References in classic literature ?
This, however, is my blessing: to stand above everything as its own heaven, its round roof, its azure bell and eternal security: and blessed is he who thus blesseth!
For a do-it-yourselfer, it may be easier to install a row of round roof vents.
Unlike other stadiums which have light towers, this stadium has the lights fixed around the circumference of the its round roof, thereby minimising shadow of objects in the ground.
Dip the round roof tile biscuits into the icing, one by one - covering about a quarter of the biscuit in icing (B).
The roof caved in on one, a Dutch barn with the round roof. There was straw in that one and the straw has held it up.
"I think it was because I had bought these different farm setups from time to time, like barns with an A-roof, then a hip roof, then a round roof, and I started putting those up, and then putting in the machinery from that era."