round step

round step, rounded step, round-end step

A step having a bullnose.
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99), a round step can with built-in trash compactor from Base Brands, LLC, Atlanta, Ga.
I have to make sure I take every round step by step and again I know I can rely on my experience.
2 simplehuman 40 Liter Round Step Can, Brushed ($80)
In Two Sections Designed To Easy Sliding By Means Of Rope And Pulley Arrangement Is Provided With Safety Device Non Skid Rubber Shoe Round Step Of Dia 25Mm, Make: S.
Tenders are invited for Aluminium Wall Supporting Extension Straight Ladder Having 1 Round Step Heavy Duty Size 18 18 , Openable Height 31 To 32 Approx.
Tenders are invited for providing gold colour painting with epoxy based coatings to all round step risers of sri vari pushkarini at tirumala for the year 2015.
Tenders are invited for Aluminium Wall Supporting Straight Ladder 1 Round Step Extendable Size 16 X 16 Openable Height 28 Heavy Duty In Two Fold.