rounded front

rounded front, (Brit.) rounded forend

A lock front which is shaped to conform to the rounded edge of a double-acting door (swinging door).
References in classic literature ?
He looked about him sullenly; and when I pointed out in the distance the rounded front of the Eastern Hotel at the bifurcation of two very broad, mean, shabby thoroughfares, rising like a grey stucco tower above the lowly roofs of the dirty-yellow, two-storey houses, he only grunted disapprovingly.
From time to time a few bits of paper, a little dust and straw whirled past us on the broad flat promontory of the pavement before the rounded front of the hotel.
Among the unique details: the rear pillars of frosted aluminum, the back of sharp edges, made in contrast to the more rounded front, a large glazing area in comparison with the original car, and a panoramic roof.
The shape of this field resembles an 'ice cream cone' with a rounded front and a long, trailing tail that faces away from the sun.
Accuracy was excellent, due in large part to the fact that the rounded front sight hood fits perfectly within the rear aperture, affording a superb sight picture.
The thinness, the shortness and the rounded front significantly add to the gun's good looks.
Bold and contemporary, the Neon features the Dodge brand's signature cross-hair grille which is complemented by a rounded front fascia and swept back head and tail lights that echo the looks of the Charger and Challenger.
Pine stair tread, which has a rounded front edge, is perfect for this.
The ROPS/FOPS Level-2 certified cab has a newly designed rounded front dash panel with easily reachable switches.
A gently rounded front and an extra beam below the front bumper help reduce the risk of injury to other road users.
Rounded front fenders break up the typical side silhouette sloping upwards to the rear.