rowan tree

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rowan tree:

see mountain ashmountain ash,
name for any species of the genus Sorbus of the family Rosaceae (rose family), hardy ornamental trees and shrubs native to the Northern Hemisphere, not related to the true ashes.
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and buzzing bee, beneath the rowan tree, in view of a grazing cow or
Maya is assailed on all sides by dangers hidden in The Rowan Tree and its surroundings, beginning with a private ordeal which gradually engulfs her family and embroils the village in murder and attempted murder.
Youngsters were encouraged to build their own Guy with the chance of winning a range prizes kindly donated by firms and organisations | Hillsview Academy, Eston, planted a com -|memorative rowan tree in honour of the fallen, marking 100 years since the start of the First World War.
Rowan Tree Grange, Northumberland, is for sale through Foster Madison at a guide price of PS1.
Innocent Craig Essen, 28, who was enjoying a night out with friends, bravely tackled the crazed drunk but was fatally stabbed in a fracas that followed outside the Rowan Tree Inn in Mayfield, Midlothian.
A kaleidoscope of colours, In gardens far and wide, Red berries on the Rowan Tree, No colours does she hide.
On Saturday the couple travelled to Dovestones Reservoir, Saddleworth, where Rowan had enjoyed many happy times, seeing the ducks and planted a Rowan tree and laid a plaque in a memorial garden.
The Rowan Tree Inn has sat placidly under its thatched roof in a picturesque English forest village for centuries.
However, the days are getting longer and soon the rowan tree buds will turn green and the daffodils in my border will pour balm on my troubled mind.
The five-month improvement scheme will begin on Monday, March 17, and when finished reduce the risk of flooding to 35 properties in Fir Tree Close, Moor Crescent and Rowan Tree Avenue.
Backing up Russian Blue for O'Brien are In Excelsis, who has not run since finishing fifth in the Chesham Stakes, and Rowan Tree, who is visored for the first time.
One delightful aspect of this novel is the use of a sprig from a rowan tree, or mountain ash, to protect its wearer from harm.