rubber set

false set, early stiffening, hesitation set, plaster set, premature stiffening, rubber set

The rapid development of rigidity in a freshly mixed portland cement paste, mortar, or concrete without the generation of much heat; this rigidity can be dispelled and plasticity regained by further mixing without addition of water.
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The 5-foot-9 middle blocker hammered down 16 attacks and collected three kill blocks en route to a game-high 20 points, including six in the rubber set.
The Scottish Government initiative, in partnership with Education Scotland and Scottish Book Trust, will provide a pack containing a reusable water bottle, a protractor and ruler set, a pen /pencil and rubber set, a journal notebook, a scientific calculator, a pocket dictionary, a parent/pupil booklet and a USB stick.
I said to the proprietor, Earl Brock, "Now when that tractor came up here it would have had two sets of wheels: a rubber set on it and steel set with it." He said, "You're right." 1 asked what happened to the other set of wheels.
Panesar is likely to bear much of the burden for getting through overs and picking up wickets in the three-match rubber set to start in early December.
It is illegal to run a tyre with less than 1.6mm of tread around the entire outer circumference of the tyre and it is advised that you change your tyres when the tread wear indicator bars (the rubber set 1.6mm into the tyre tread), are visible.
Lleyton Hewitt's comfortable 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 win over Sebastien Grosjean in the day's first rubber set up the grandstand finish which the home fans had prayed for at the start of play in Melbourne.