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, rhumba
1. a rhythmic and syncopated Cuban dance in duple time
2. a ballroom dance derived from this
3. a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance



a ballroom dance of Mexican origin using elements of Cuban folk dance with a sharply syncopated rhythm. The rumba became popular in the late 1920’s in the USA and Western Europe. The musical measure is 4/4, and the tempo is moderate with a sharp increase in the last part.


A popular family of PC-to-host connectivity programs from NetManage, Inc., Cupertino, CA ( Acquired in 1999 from Wall Data Inc., the RUMBA software gives desktop PC users access to virtually any host across any network. Rumba supports Windows and OS/2 clients connected to IBM mainframes, AS/400s, VAXes, HP, Unix and other hosts via coax adapters, twinax cards or the network.
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You know it's true.You can thus imagine my joy when I recently logged on to YouTube and clicked on a new song by Octopizzo only for a rumba beat to start playing.
Rumba says businesses that utilize the WorkWISE consultation services will come back every year or every other year.
"A lot of people think Rumba is about sex," said Cole.
This is the sort of book that young readers will return to again and again, wanting to encounter once more not only the lovable Figaro and Rumba, but also the redoubtable Mrs Foozy, Nate the accident-prone mouse, and the elegant crocodile.
Citing recent research conducted by Rumba's brand team that revealed eight of 10 Hispanic consumers are now shopping at mainstream retail locations, Powell said "over half of those shoppers are not buying their meat there," adding that they instead look to their local butcher to find the relevant meat cuts they use to prepare their traditional dishes.
"Given the limitations of satellite Internet service detailed in this report, RuMBA cannot consider satellite a viable solution for rural communities who are increasingly cut off from mainstream America by the lack of access to affordable broadband service," said Luisa Handem, founder and Managing Director of RuMBA USA.
Informed by the 1960s and 1970s Afro-Cuban jazz descargas and the ongoing salsa movement, the Nuyorican sound of rumba in Central Park was a montage of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and African American rhythms articulating this generation's hybrid cultural identity.
Traditional rumba, what is known as el complejo de la rumba (the rumba genre), has taught me to understand how performance, music and dance, sound, and gesture function as reservoirs of memory--they transmit history, its future and possible contestation.
"Well, that was fun," Cook intoned, his nasal voice bringing everyone back down to earth, as he introduced "Bogota by Bus," the single from his new album, "The Rumba Foundation."
VIBRANT: Left, Rumba North East at yesterday's launch; and right, salsa dancing at last year's festival
THERE IS SOME KICK IN THE SUPERMARKET MEAT CASE THANKS TO CARGILL MEAT SOLUTIONS' RUMBA, a pork line of variety meats including ears, hocks, jowls, kidneys, neck bones, splint front feet, stomach, tails, fatback skins, hearts and livers.