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soakaway, soakpit

A pit excavated in the earth’s surface which receives excess surface water, allowing it to drain away slowly.
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The loans will be paid back over several decades by raising water rates in the district, Rummel said.
Rummel has been in the financial services industry for more than 30 years.
"It sounded like a good idea to give back to the community," says Rummel, whose business is housed in a classic Eugene home built sometime between 1902 and 1907 (there are no records), a few years before Patterson was born.
Murphy; "Les lettres de Dirk Martens, imprimeur d'Erasme," by Alexandre Vanautgaerden; "The Erasmus-Vives Correspondence," by Charles Fantazzi; "Erasmus and Capito: The Trajectory of a Friendship," by Erika Rummel; and "Le relation entre Erasme et le duc Georges de Saxe au cours des annees 1520: reforme de l'Eglise et engagement theologique," by Marie Barral-Baron.
The company's Nouveau Chic bath ensemble, including this shower curtain, is a new collection from designer/artist Shell Rummel.
"HIKING TAKES ME BACK IN TIME, TO MY ANCESTORS and then the distant past," says Lynda Rummel, a retired university professor.
Christian Rummel has narrated over a hundred audio titles and his smooth acting voice lends well to Sanjay Gupta, MD's fictional story about the life-and-death decisions made by a team of surgeons.
Named volunteers of the year were Doug Spitler, Electrical FCU in Arvada, Colo., (less than $150 million) and Carl Rummel, Missoula FCU in Missoula, Mont., ($150 million or more)
Verducci represented the landlord, Rummel Fibre Co., Inc.
I'm standing in the short, sharp Bradford West parliamentary by-election and after saying my final goodbye to Paul, I'll be down the road again, trying to rummel 'em up.
Gaillot Jr., of New Orleans, kneeling before Catholic Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel, not asking God to forgive her for her sin but to forgive the archbishop for his transgression in excommunicating her for her pro-segregation views.
Roth supervised his AmpliVox colleagues Cesar Paredes and Charley Rummel in building the podium.