run-up areas

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holding area

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Holding area.
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i. An area where aircraft are stacked at a height at defined height intervals when awaiting their turn to land. This area is the region of a holding fix. The holding area includes the basic holding area and the entry area. The basic holding area at any particular level is the airspace required at that level to encompass a holding pattern based on allowances for aircraft speed, wind effect, timing errors, holding fix characteristics, etc. The entry area includes the airspace required to accommodate the specified entry procedure.
ii. Run-up areas located at or near the ends of a runway for pilots to make final checks and await clearance for takeoff. These areas are generally large enough so that if an aircraft is unable to take off, another aircraft can bypass it. The holding area normally can accommodate two or three aircraft and allow enough space for one aircraft to bypass another. Also called run-up areas.
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