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Dedicated heat recovery chiller enhanced runaround coils (DERAC) increase the heat recovery chiller operating window and create additional opportunities for the dedicated heat recovery chiller (DHRC) to contribute to energy savings.
having made their choice they had a couple of seconds, again egged on by the excitable host, to runaround by leaping into one of the adjacent circles if they wanted to.
Text runaround became a selling point for some programs, and they certainly, simplified the desktop publisher's work.
An innovative solution was found by incorporating a heat exchanger into the runaround heat recovery system associated with the 100% outdoor air supply/exhaust air-handling units.
He was the first host of Runaround, when it launched in 1975, in a fast-paced format devised by Merril Heatter and Bob Quigley
With the roof down this standard runaround becomes a sexy and fashionable car.
He is know for starring in The Comedians and kids TV show Runaround.
Following their sell-out production of Falling Knives and Runaround Wives, Open Clasp Theatre Company returns to the Customs House.
The Blue Oval and trailer-maker Airstream have come up with a bonkers looking polished aluminium runaround that uses a Ballard plug-in hydrogen fuel cell like the Ford Edge.
It cannot be denied that Valenzuela's behavior for nearly two decades justifies suspicion about unexplained absences, especially when yet again he gave the runaround to state agents seeking drug tests in July and August.
After being given the runaround in the first half by a Tranmere side who sit top of the Avon Premier League, Harriers fought back after the break with Drewe Broughton also hitting the bar.
STEVE DAVIS gave Fergal O'Brien the runaround when the pair last met and can do the same in Plymouth today, writes Adrian Humphries.