running dog

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vitruvian scroll, Vitruvian wave

Vitruvian scroll
A common motif in classical ornament: a series of scrolls connected by a wave-like band; also called a wave scroll or running dog.
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To wit: "Running Dogs of Capitalism." This phrase, most assume, is merely an insult toward capitalists, right?
Indeed the thoughts of Mad Dog Thatcher and Earth Dog, Running Dog hit right at the heart of the "Common Sense" manifesto.
Often, though, Meneghello obliges the reader with a scholarly debate about linguistic niceties: how to render in Italian the elusiveness of the adjective mundane and the term anxiety, or the intranslatability of the complimentary plucky and the etymology of the insult running dog.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today slammed opposition DAP members for calling DAP loyalist and veteran leader Dr Tan Seng Giaw a traitor and 'running dog'.
Michael Koncz, Pacquiao's adviser who had also figured prominently as a loyal Arum running dog, did fly to Las Vegas last week for a serious conference with Arum.
This horrific attack on a little four-year-old just highlights how important it is for proper consideration when placing such big dogs with families, and puts a responsibility on those running dog pounds to ensure that potential owners know what they are taking on.
The Irish star will be playing tracks from his new solo album Running Dog.
* The word greyhound is derived from the Saxon "greu" - running dog. Mentioned in the book of Proverbs, prized possession of kings for thousands of years, the greyhound is both an efficient hunter and a gentle, affectionate companion.
This is based on the cost of running dog warden services, kennelling prices, vets' fees and attacks on people and livestock.
He reads local magazine Earth Dog, Running Dog, which recently warned Labour: "Don't force the most law-abiding citizens to become terrorists or you and your party will live to regret it." Friend Alfred Lewis, 57, who met Evans at the Waterloo Cup hare coursing meeting in Lancashire, said: "Most people round here feel the same as Craig and feel their country sports are under threat from the government."
Partymen unhappy that he was not parroting the same lines have accused him of being a 'running dog', a Chinese euphemism for lackey, over his refusal to link the 1MDB issue to BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak.