running dog

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vitruvian scroll, Vitruvian wave

Vitruvian scroll
A common motif in classical ornament: a series of scrolls connected by a wave-like band; also called a wave scroll or running dog.
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Indeed the thoughts of Mad Dog Thatcher and Earth Dog, Running Dog hit right at the heart of the "Common Sense" manifesto.
This is based on the cost of running dog warden services, kennelling prices, vets' fees and attacks on people and livestock.
He reads local magazine Earth Dog, Running Dog, which recently warned Labour: "Don't force the most law-abiding citizens to become terrorists or you and your party will live to regret it.
Often, though, Meneghello obliges the reader with a scholarly debate about linguistic niceties: how to render in Italian the elusiveness of the adjective mundane and the term anxiety, or the intranslatability of the complimentary plucky and the etymology of the insult running dog.
The blind traitor is a running dog for America, where he leads a decadent life and gets paid for his sell-out," the poster reads.
After working on the film last autumn in London, Steve is back running dog training classes in Cardiff and Ebbw Vale.
In open country, a big running dog could easily run out of earshot.
On MVP's part, there's no danger of the highly respected over-achiever ending up a disgruntled running dog, the way GTK had fallen prey.
They were big-running dogs and I did not want a big running dog.
The Ruth kennel will be represented by Razldazl George in the second heat and he is probably the strongest running dog in the line-up, ready to excel no doubt in the Hegarty 600.