running mold

running mold, horse mold

A template shaped to the configuration of a cornice and mounted on a wooden frame; used by plasterers to run a molding; travels sideways along the ceiling line to build up a desired shape as plaster is applied.

running ornament, running mold

running ornament
Any molding ornament in which the design is continuous, in intertwined or flowing lines as in foliage, meanders, etc.
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When Claims first began running mold stories, we received letters from adjusters predicting that the hype had been manufactured from smoke and mirrors and the that subject of mold would disappear as suddenly as it had caught our attention.
When running molds with higher water temperatures (above 180 F), the water lines should be hard-plumbed using fittings with a tapered sealing surface, versus the standard water coupler connection using O-rings.
Accurate control of the temperature is mandatory when running molds with core lifters for the second shot.