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installation of the Java Runtime Environment on desktops).
The scalable and dependable runtime environment of Zend Server, combined with a cutting-edge application monitoring and diagnostics environment, enables enterprises to deliver a fully-elastic, highly-available Cloud runtime environment for their PHP applications.
Each of Red Oak's Transaction Integration products includes a Software Development Kit and Server Runtime Environment that allows all 390, AS/400, Tandem, Digital, Unix and HTML-based application interactions to be seamlessly integrated with any of the major EAI messaging systems, from vendors such as IBM CrossWorlds, webMethods, Vitria, SeeBeyond and TIBCO.
A WYSIWIG report preview provides a complete view of the report in the runtime environment, and users can instantly publish to BusinessObjects[TM] Enterprise through the integrated development environment.
Combine this with Green Hills Software's outstanding development tools and you have a comprehensive development and runtime environment that minimizes time to market for embedded developers.
Progress([R]) Actional([R]) Web services management and SOA governance products provide visibility, security and control of the activities of services and end-to-end business processes in a runtime environment.
The MSM5105 solution also supports QUALCOMM's Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) applications platform.
By combining the Aonix safety-critical development and runtime environment with our multipartition strategy, developers are empowered to build more elegant systems with standard, off-the-shelf components and still meet stringent certification requirements.