runway-end safety area

runway-end safety area (RESA)

runway-end safety area (RESA)click for a larger image
An area symmetrical about the extended runway centerline and adjacent to the end of the strip primarily intended to reduce the risk of damage to an airplane undershooting or overrunning the runway (ICAO). A runway-end safety area should extend from the end of a runway strip for as great a distance as practicable but at least 300 ft (90 m). The width of a runway-end safety area should be at least twice that of the associated runway. As far as possible, any obstruction should be removed from the safety area. The area should be cleared and graded for airplanes the runway is intended to serve in the event of an airplane undershooting or overshooting the runway.
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The first phase of the project involves the expansion of its main runway, construction of runway-end safety area at both ends, construction of two exit taxiways, one rapid exit taxiway and a take-off bay, helicopter apron, vehicle access control road to the airport and pavement of perimeter road, he explained.
The Bangkok Post this week cited a recent International Civil Aviation Organization report as having identified 93 risk areas at Suvarnabhumi, including runway-end safety areas being shorter than the new ICAO standard of 90 meters.