russelia equisetiformis

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firecracker plant

firecracker plant

Flowers look like little red firecrackers on thin green drooping sticks with no leaves. They cascade downwards like a shower of reddish color. Used to attract hummingbirds. In the figwort family. Not much written about this plant, but nothing anywhere says it’s toxic. There are a few sources that say stem and flowers could be used as an infusion.
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Russelia equisetiformis, (Schlecht and Cham) belongs to the family Scrophulariacae.
Effect of solvent fractions of ethanolic extract of Russelia equisetiformis on acetic-acid induced writhing test Treatment Dose (mg/kg) No.
In addition to the preliminary phytochemical screening of Russelia equisetiformis for triterpenes, and cardiacglycoside, the present study provides the first report on the isolation of the phenolic compounds from the whole plant extracts.