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19th letter of the alphabetalphabet
[Gr. alpha-beta, like Eng. ABC], system of writing, theoretically having a one-for-one relation between character (or letter) and phoneme (see phonetics). Few alphabets have achieved the ideal exactness.
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, representing the common sibilant, voiceless in spur, voiced in rose. Its Greek equivalent is sigma. In former times the nonterminal s was written or printed much like an f without the right half of the cross bar. In chemistry S is the symbol of the element sulfursulfur
or sulphur
, nonmetallic chemical element; symbol S; at. no. 16; interval in which at. wt. ranges 32.059–32.076; m.p. 112.8°C; (rhombic), 119.0°C; (monoclinic), about 120°C; (amorphous); b.p. 444.674°C;; sp. gr. at 20°C;, 2.07 (rhombic), 1.
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(particle physics)


(fluid mechanics)


1. On drawings, abbr. for “side.”
2. On drawings, abbr. for “south.”
3. Abbr. for “seamless.”


A unit of secondary quality or one not meeting specified dimensions; a cull.


A statistical analysis language from AT&T.

["S: An Interactive Environment for Data Analysis and Graphics", Richard A. Becker, Wadsworth 1984].
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1502-32(c), the only positive investment adjustment with respect to P's S preferred stock is for an allocable part of S's undistributed E&P for the taxable year.
The duplication-of-loss concern focused on S's unrealized loss when S left the P consolidated group.
Pursuant to the legislative history of section 460(h), the regulations may properly require P to "tack" its manufacturing time onto S's time, resulting in a 15-month contract subject to the percentage-of-completion rules.
However, to the extent the FMV is less than the face amount (as a result of factoring or of S's potential insolvency), S would recognize COD income on the difference between the FMV and the interest's face value.
700 of S's debt is then discharged in year 3 (as opposed to the $900 discharged in Example 1).
In 1993, after S underwent surgery, G took over S's affairs, pursuant to the 1988 power of attorney.
The Service determined that S's underpayments stemming from all these income adjustments were due to negligence and assessed accuracy-related penalties under Sec.
As a result of this combined mixed sentiment outlook on the shares and S's questionable technical outlook, our Schaeffer's Equity Scorecard has handed out a rating of 4.
708(b)(1)(A)), S's gain on the sale of the partnership interest is deferred under Kegs.
1502-33(f) provides that in the &se of a "group structure change" S'S E&P will immediately tier up to and become part of P's E&P.
Example: D's will established a trust that pays all income annually to S for life, with the property to be distributed to D's children after S's death.
When a speaker (S) makes an apology he or she is attempting to support the receiver (R), who is actually or possibly offended by S's behavior, and to reestablish equilibrium between R and S (Olshtain, 1989).