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(1) (SSH FTP) Transferring files using the secure SSH protocol. See SSH.

(2) (Simple FTP) An earlier non-secure FTP program. See FTP and SSH.
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The CT appearance of an SFTP is often that of a well-circumscribed lobular homogenous mass often demonstrating marked heterogeneity and necrosis as well as atelectasis and compression/displacement of adjacent structures.
In this light, Science for the People serves as a historical artifact through which scientists, scholars, and students can learn about SftP and in which they can root their contemporary movement-building with, as this special issue calls for, STEM at the center.
clients, such as WinSCP or SFTP plugin for Total Commander file manager, use SSH2 encryption to authenticate and establish secure channels between networked hosts.
AA Server provides features like Windows object recorder, email automation, terminal emulation, SFTP and more, each in itself extending the reach of automation like never before.
The 8th software version of SAAS-MOD enabled secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) communication by means of either the Unclassified but Sensitive Internet Protocol Routing Network (NIPRNet) or a very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellite dish.
* New and updated connectors and components including Pervasive PSQL Summit[TM] vl0, Saleslogix7, IBM MQ Series 6, SFTP and Salesforce 10 with new components
Supplied adapters support both real-time and batch-mode event capture protocols (such as Syslog, SNMP, LEA, SCP, SFTP, FTP, HTTP, RDBMS).
The solution now supports secure file transfer using HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP, PGP, and AS2.
By integrating the multi-platform, high-performance SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) capabilities of SSH Tectia with B-Hub's flexible file distribution features, enterprises would be able to implement scalable and secure file exchange throughout heterogeneous IT environments, according to the company.
In addition to the FTP 75 test, a Supplemental Federal Test Procedure (SFTP) will be phased-in between 2000 and 2004.