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(vertebrate zoology)
Anoplopoma fimbria. An abundant black-skinned fish in the North Pacific.



(Anoplopoma fimbria), a marine fish of the order Scorpaeniformes. The fish usually measures 40–60 cm long and weighs 1–3 kg. The coloring is dark gray. The body is torpedo-shaped, and the base of the tail is slender. There are two dorsal fins and a tail fin that has a deep depression. The sablefish is encountered in the Bering Sea and in the Pacific Ocean as far south as southern California and Tokyo Bay. It spawns from fall to spring at depths of more than 400 m. The young live deep in the water and swim closer to the bottom at night as they grow. The sablefish has commercial importance, as its flesh is tasty and the liver is rich in vitamins A and D.


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Among 17 variables (including protein, lipid, and pH previously mentioned) that we examined in sablefish flesh, 11 showed significant differences between firm and soft fish (Table 7).
Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) are a long lived, commercially important finfish abundant along the upper continental slope in the North Pacific, with catches ranging from 10,000 to 35,000 metric tons (t) in Alaskan waters during the last 2 decades (Hanselman et al.
Sablefish occupy a remarkably broad geographic range in outer shelf and slope waters of the northern Pacific Ocean, from southern Baja California around the Pacific Rim to the coast of Japan (Hart, 1973).
After catch shares came to the West Coast sablefish industry, captains cut down on fishing during perilously windy days.
Many alternatives resources such as feather meal [19], meat and bone meal, hydrolyzed feather meal, fleshings-meal and blood meal [24,25], dried fermented fish by-product silage [6], poultry silage [26], shrimp head waste meal [27,28], poultry by-product meal [2,29], skate meal and sablefish viscera meal [30] have been tried to replace fish meal either partially or fully, but even these meals of various animal sources are not sufficient to meet the growing demands of fish raising industry.
Tenders are invited for Clarence Strait Longline Sablefish Survey
The company's core business is the primary processing of seafood including wild salmon, pollock, halibut, cod, sablefish and herring in most major fisheries throughout Alaska, with both on-shore and floating processing facilities.
The majority of our salmon (king, coho and keta) are harvested in the waters of Southeast Alaska, along with our halibut, sablefish (black cod), ling cod and rockfish.
To minimize mercury intake, they should also limit their consumption of these higher-mercury fish: grouper, Chilean sea bass, bluefish, halibut, sablefish (black cod), Spanish mackerel (Gulf) and fresh tuna (except skipjack).
Samples of pollock, sablefish and halibut were gathered from around the state.
The wine focuses on domestic Chinese consumers, with a label in red and gold and text noting the purity of the wine's production, the use of French oak and confining tasting notes to suggestions for pairing it with seared sablefish and soy sauce--or perhaps pork ribs and pepper sauce--descriptions aimed at resonating with the Asian palate.
Size and diet related variations in enzymic activity and tissue composition in the sablefish, Anaplopoma fimbria.