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coarse cloth used for making sacks, woven from flax, hemp, jute, etc.



a coarse, sturdy fabric made of heavy linen yarn with interwoven threads. The yarn for sacking is made of hard bast fibers from jute, kenaf, and piemarker, as well as from by-products of the primary processing and hackling of low-staple deseeded flax and of short fiber. Sacking is used to make sacks (sacking material) and as a packing fabric.

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Mr McGhee, of Gourock, who had an clean record, said his sacking by Fullarton Computer Industries (Gourock) Ltd was too severe.
The Glasgow tribunal said the sacking was unfair as the firm had not investigated properly.
But I have nothing but admiration for the Gate Gourmet workers and the British Airways staff, in particular, who walked out in protest at the mass sackings of some of the lowest-paid men and women in Britain.