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coarse cloth used for making sacks, woven from flax, hemp, jute, etc.



a coarse, sturdy fabric made of heavy linen yarn with interwoven threads. The yarn for sacking is made of hard bast fibers from jute, kenaf, and piemarker, as well as from by-products of the primary processing and hackling of low-staple deseeded flax and of short fiber. Sacking is used to make sacks (sacking material) and as a packing fabric.

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'He has slandered Perlis PAS for being the mastermind behind the recent sacking of imams in the state, as well as rebelling against the will of the sultan,' he said during the last day of the wing's muktamar at Bukit Gambang Resort.
ISLAMABAD -- Journalists of Rawalpindi and Islamabad held a meeting at National Press Club here Wednesday to protest against sacking of media personnel in different news organizations.
You only need to look at the sacking that took place under the LNP to know what a devastating impact large-scale job cuts have on the community.
Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka has asked Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati to stop sacking county workers who were employed during his(Lusaka's) tenure.
Almost three quarters (72 per cent) of the previous 39 sackings saw the team in question improve their form to some degree following the sacking.
And that's why the recent sackings in the Premier League.
The Trinity Mirror Data Unit has taken a look at every Premier League and Championship sacking over the last five seasons, comparing the form of each club before and after the sackings.
d "It's embarrassing for the game that all of those sackings are unfair dismissals.
Labour union threatens legal battle against sackings
His anger comes as it was revealed the men, all warrant officers, were told of the sackings because the Army has to make "significant" cutbacks.
The sackings sparked a wave of sympathy strikes at power stations and other sites across the UK yesterday, with some activists warning power workers could join the walkouts, threatening supplies..
The sackings have caused outrage among their colleagues.