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see Sac and FoxSac and Fox,
closely related Native Americans of the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). Sac and Fox culture was of the Eastern Woodlands area with some Plains-area traits (see under Natives, North American).
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A soft-walled cavity within a plant or animal, often containing a special fluid and usually having a narrow opening or none at all.
Indentation in the contour lines of equal depth showing submarine relief.
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a pouch, bag, or pouchlike part in an animal or plant
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1. An early system on the Datatron 200 series.

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The mycobionts in most lichens are derived from sac fungi (ascomycetes), a group whose tiny spores have saclike structures.
Although we could find no reports of follow-up research, an experiment with the salicylate-free diet remains an inexpensive and harmless attempt at preventing the small saclike growths.
The glands are usually ventrally paired, simple, multicellular, tubular glands that are elongate or saclike (Figs.
Based on unique segments of genetic material, or DNA, the researchers had cataloged representative strains of all ascomycetous yeasts, a group so named because they reproduce sexually in saclike structures called asci.
The enlarged kidney in Truncatella reclusa and Geomelania is saclike, and may serve to store water.
In the pregnant patient with a sonogram showing a saclike structure within the uterus but lacking definitive evidence of an intrauterine pregnancy, correlation of the sac size with the quantitative hCG level can be of clinical value.
Other skin lesions are: shagreen patches (collagenous patches) which are slightly elevated, yellowish-brown in color and have the texture of an orange peel; wart-like growths in the nailbeds (periungual or subungual fibromas); brown spots (cafe-au-lait spots); and soft, saclike growths (cutaneous nodules).
(2003) studied the VNO by means of magnetic resonance and identified two anatomical types for the VNO: tubular and saclike. The tubular type was more frequent and there was a significant relationship between VNO length and sex, such that the VNO was longer among males (Dalacqua & Barros).