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Reserved for exclusive use by something. The term might mean only writable by whatever it is sacred to.

For example, "Register 7 is sacred to the interrupt handler" would mean that if any other code changed the contents of register 7, dire consequences would ensue.

What does it mean when you dream about a sacred place?

A church, temple, synagogue, or any place considered sacred may indicate a renewing of what the dreamer considers to be important or venerable.

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An inspirational guide for holistic family wellness, "Sacred Medicine Cupboard" presents seasonal insights, practical knowledge, recipes, projects, and journal prompts for a sacred medicine practice--broken down into 36 chapters.
Pope Francis' 'Laudato Si,' an encyclical on 'care for our common home,' serves as an inspiration for Sacred Springs, in particular a line in Chapter 2, The Gospel of Creation, article 63: 'If we are truly concerned to develop an ecology capable of remedying the damage we have done, no branch of the sciences and no form of wisdom can be left out, and that includes the religious and the idiom proper to it.
Abeykoon welcomed the carved sacred footprint of the Buddha and the sacred relics with much veneration.
Liverpool started the game the better of the two sides, but with having the advantage of the wind at their backs Sacred Heart looked dangerous on the counter-attack.
They cover sacred space and the demarcation of identities, sacred space and contested ownership, and contested boundaries of the sacred.
Enthronement of the Sacred Heart is a ceremony in which a priest consecrates members of the household to the Sacred Heart.
The Abant Platform said that freedom of expression and respect for sacred values are complimentary and that the former does not mean the freedom to attack sacred values.
This study of the sacred as a categorical tripping point at the intersection of Indigenous studies and the history of religions begins with the words of Grant Bulltail, an Apsaalooke (Crow) elder, recorded on video when he traveled from his home on the Crow Reservation in Montana to speak to schoolchildren in Cody, Wyoming, about an extraordinary landmark, Heart Mountain.
The Sacred Months are Thul-Qi'dah, Thul-Hijjh, Muharram and Rajab.
The Hawai'i Sacred Choir is Hawai'i's only choir to use treble choirboys and choirgirls singing with adults in the British cathedral style.
Initially HUMC is expected to use RayStation as its treatment planning system at Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital and Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital for conventional 3D-CRT treatments, as well as more advanced treatments including IMRT and VMAT.
A series of research seminars exploring links between sacred texts and sacred spaces grew into a conference in Cardiff, Wales, then into this volume of 14 essays covering the Medieval sacred, re-writing sacred space in the early modern period, and sacred text and sacred space in the 19th century.