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saddle, 4
saddle, 2
saddle, 1
1. Same as threshold.
3. Any hollow-backed structure suggesting a saddle, as a ridge connected to two higher elevations or a saddle roof.
4. A floor mount for a heavy pipe.
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In a study (36) that investigated users' satisfaction with hearing aids granted by BUHS, with bilateral hearing loss of different types and degrees, responses to the SADL questionnaire showed that this population presented greater satisfaction in the Personal Image scale.
Based on SADL's low cost, rapid distribution and compatibility, it's proving to be a functional alternative to more costly systems.
Before the inception of the instructor share program, the resident CGSC and SAdL courses had no real linkage.
O questionario SADL e composto por 15 questoes divididas em quatro subescalas: Efeitos Positivos (seis itens associados com o beneficio acustico e psicologico); Servicos e Custos (tres itens associados com competencia profissional, preco do produto e numero de consertos); Fatores Negativos (tres itens relacionados com a amplificacao de ruido ambiental, a presenca de microfonia e o uso ao telefone) e Imagem Pessoal (tres itens relacionados com fatores esteticos e o estigma do uso da protese auditiva) [17].
The questionnaires included the SF-12, EAR (Inner and Outer), HHIE, CPHI, AdHeRe, SADL, and IOI-HA.
"There were a just had to match The other play Toros included Ch back, a centre-ha called David Sadl Manchester United ph played in the b yers Ralph played with in the hris Lawler, a Liverpool fullalf from Manchester United ler and Jim Holton, a former d and Sunderland player.
The need for tactical data links to support nearly all of NORAD-apportioned fighters equipped with Situational Awareness Data Link will be supported by 34 SADL gateways.
The SADL allows pilots to share information such as friendly ground positions and air traffic with each other while keeping track of enemy forces.
According to Mahony, "We seem to be settling on a situational awareness link between the Army's Tactical InterNet and close-air-support aircraft." The two programs applicable to this strategy are the Situational Awareness Datalink (SADL) and Link 16/Variable Message Format (VMF).
Com o objetivo de conhecer a satisfacao dos usuarios de proteses auditivas, pesquisadores desenvolveram o questionario Satisfaction With Amplification in Daily Life (SADL) [7].
PARR -PAULINE, January 29, 2015 Will Wi be sadly sadl missed by all her work friends.