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safe mode

(operating system)
An alternative way to start Microsoft Windows such that only a minimal set of software components (drivers and background processes) are loaded, making it easier to diagnose problems. Safe mode loads a standard low resolution video driver and does not support connection to the Internet.

Windows will sometimes restart in safe mode automatically following a crash. All Windows versions except Windows 3.1 can be started in safe mode, usually by holding the Ctrl or F8 key while the computer is restarting. To start Windows NT in safe mode you need to edit C:\boot.ini.

Once the problem is fixed you need to restart Windows normally to load all the installed components.
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safe mode

The troubleshooting mode of an operating system. By pressing a particular key after the computer is turned on, it allows the system to boot with only essential components such as the OS kernel and mouse, keyboard and basic display drivers. All applications normally set to automatically launch when the computer is booted are bypassed. As long as there is no corruption of the OS on the hard disk, when the computer cannot boot due to software or hardware conflicts, it can generally boot into safe mode. While in safe mode, offending configuration data or software components can be deleted, or drivers can be manually loaded one at a time to determine which one begins to cause a problem.

Windows Safe Mode
To boot into safe mode, press and hold the F8 key right after the computer is turned on and before the Windows logo appears. See Win Safe Mode.

Mac Safe Boot
To boot into safe mode, press and hold the Shift key after the computer is turned on.

Linux Safe Mode
Using the command line, Linux/Unix computers can be booted into various run levels that determine which resources are loaded. For example, "runlevel 1" is typically the equivalent to Windows and Mac safe modes. See runlevel.
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ATHE idea of Safe Mode is that Windows only loads the bare bones of what it needs to run, so that it should be able to run without crashing.
To start the computer in Safe Mode, press and hold the Ctrl key (in Windows 98) or F8 (in Windows XP) during the start-up routine and choose Safe Mode from the list of options, using the arrow keys and pressing Enter to confirm.
"Juno exited safe mode as expected, is healthy and is responding to all our commands," Rick Nybakken, Juno project manager from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said in ( the statement .
NASA's Juno spacecraft unexpectedly entered a safe mode early Wednesday, just hours before its eagerly awaited a second close flyby of Jupiter.
In a statement, NASA said the problem had been detected on Tuesday, when the telescope went into a pre-programmed "safe mode" which kicks in "if the observatory has trouble knowing where it should point", Grunsfeld said.
If unsure of which app, reboot into Safe Mode. Switch off the Galaxy Note 3 > Press and hold the Power key > When the Samsung logo appears, press and hold the Volume Down key till the lock screen appears > Safe Mode notification will appear at the lower-left of the screen.
According to CBS News, the memory glitch interrupted science operations, forcing flight controllers to put the craft in a low-activity "safe mode" while the computer switch was implemented.
A solution has been posted to address Eric's issue with Android 4.4.4 camera problem by booting the device into Safe Mode.