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Pertaining to ordnance constituted and set so as not to detonate or function accidentally.
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a fireproof steel box used to safeguard documents, currency, coins, and valuables. The word is sometimes also used to designate bank vaults that have walls of steel or reinforced concrete and armored doors equipped with combination locks and automatic alarm systems.

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What does it mean when you dream about a safe?

To dream of a safe in which to store valuables may indicate that the dreamer is hiding a sense of self worth and self value. To dream of being in a safe place may also indicate that the dreamer feels safe within themselves.

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1. A tray with a waste pipe; placed below a fixture to catch overflow, below a pipe to catch leakage, etc.
2. A built-in or portable steel-enclosed repository, designed to protect stored materials against fire and/or burglary.
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A safe program analysis is one which will not reach invalid conclusions about the behaviour of the program. This may involve making safe approximations to properties of parts of the program. A safe approximation is one which gives less information.

For example, strictness analysis aims to answer the question "will this function evaluate its argument"?. The two possible results are "definitely" and "don't know". A safe approximation for "definitely" is "don't know". The two possible results correspond to the two sets: "the set of all functions which evaluate their argument" and "all functions". A set can be safely approximated by another which contains it.
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