safety arch

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discharging arch, relieving arch, safety arch

discharging arch
An arch, usually segmental and often a blind arch, built above the lintel of a door or window to discharge the weight of the wall above the lintel to each side.
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Learning Officer Joyce Parr gives a weapons awareness talk at the Maritime Museum to youngsters from Halewood College; and, inset, left, some of the haul of weapons retrieved during a knife amnesty Main picture: COLIN LANE/cl130109weapons-3; Anthony Walker - murdered with an ice axe in Huyton, in 2005; Safety arches like this one can be seen in the city
"We put up the safety arches last month for three days and of the 14,175 people who passed through no one was carrying a weapon or arrested.
We are going to have safety arches in school but the main aim of them is to show people that it isn't a big problem, that there aren't many people using knives."
She also said at her school, where metal detectors - safety arches - had been used to identify people carrying knives, there had yet to be a case of anyone carrying a dangerous weapon.
Over 800 officers were on duty and many were using safety arches and metal detecting gloves or wands to prevent people carrying weapons into premises.
From 599 GTO "Aperta" differs more littered with windshield, two aerodynamic fins behind the safety arches, as well as suspension and exhaust with less aggressive settings.The car is equipped with 6.0-liter atmospheric engine V12, whose power is 680 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque.
Officers from the local Kings Norton police station joined forces with the Safer Travel police team to set up the safety arches at the school.
Preventive and corrective safety arches and scanners for different buildings AEAT maintenance.
Insp Bill Dagnan, from Queens Road Police station, said: "There were no negative reactions from those asked to walk through the safety arches and, as well as reassuring members of the public, it sends a wider message to those who may carry knives.

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