safety curtain

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safety curtain

a curtain made of fireproof material that can be lowered to separate the auditorium and stage in a theatre to prevent the spread of a fire

asbestos curtain, fire curtain, safety curtain

A curtain which closes the stage of a theater from the auditorium automatically in case of fire, preventing the spread of flame and smoke; usually fabricated of woven asbestos and steel wire, it may be nonrigid, semirigid, or rigid.
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The theatre now has a safety curtain which is as great as it is, and will be here now forever.
Still, once the game was afoot and the safety curtain sorted, it was red herrings and suspects all the way.
Standard equipment in every Superb includes six airbags - front airbags for the driver and passenger, side impact bags and curtain airbags, providing a safety curtain between the car's occupants and the side windows.
For a few moments at least, Friday's immovable safety curtain was a gift from the gods for the snide metropolitan scribes who had already chortled at the appearance of Nana Mouskouri.
The wood-panelled Donald Gordon auditorium briefly resembled a rugby stadium on match day when a problem with the safety curtain was announced after the interval and the expensively-clad, star-studded audience began belting out hymns including Bread of Heaven, Sospan Fach and Calon Lan before the real singers re-appeared.
While rehearsing on stage, a steel girder from the safety curtain fell on to her head.
It was on Boxing Day of that year that 52-year-old Mary Elizabeth Edmondson was killed when a heavy safety curtain fell on top of her.
Also, when you're waiting in the wings to go on, there is a real energy that you can feel through the safety curtain.
ACTOR Richard Briers was on stage at Newcastle Theatre Royal at the weekend for the unveiling of the venue's new safety curtain.
A unique theatre safety curtain which was painted over because of fears it was leaking asbestos may not have been made from the deadly material after all.
The System Consists Of The Scanning Head, Rotary Table Controlled Automatic Measuring Robot Along With The Driver And Software, (The Capsule) Measurement With Optical Safety Curtain And Software For Connection And Control Of All The Components, The Measurements, The Development Of Programs For Measurement And Analysis Of The Measurement Results.
Will explains: "I was watching a show at the National a few years ago and at the interval the massive safety curtain came up.

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