safety lighting

emergency lighting

Lighting designed to supply illumination which is essential to safety in the event of failure of the normal electric power supply.
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Extra security cameras, fencing and safety lighting have all been installed, with the costs paid from the education budget.
Patent Office recently awarded protection for the company's "Apparatus and Methods for Providing Emergency Safety Lighting."
Applications include safety lighting, taillights, light torches, desk lamps, flashlights, large-screen LCD backlighting, and interior lighting for automotive and architectural lighting.
Progress Energy Florida recently announced that it has installed a five-kilowatt fuel cell at the Palm Garden of Largo skilled-nursing facility in Pinellas County, FL to provide hallway and safety lighting in case of emergencies.
SAFETY lighting is to be installed at seven sites in Nuneaton and Bedworth where teenagers can legitimately "hang out" instead of congregating on street corners.
According to NanoDynamics, the Revolution 50 is designed for a wide range of applications, including combat soldier power, battery recharger systems, outdoor safety lighting and advertising, and portable refrigeration systems.