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In the median longitudinal plane of the body, or parallel to it.
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(also sagittal plane), a term used in the anatomy of animals and man to designate planes that pass through the body in an anteroposterior direction. The sagittal plane that passes lengthwise precisely down the middle of the body and divides the body into right and left halves is called the median.

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1), and flexible nasendoscopy revealed the bread tag lodged sagittally between the vocal cords with surrounding oedema (Fig.
Prepared paraffin blocks were cut sagittally into 6 [micro]m thick sections that were transferred onto adhesive slides, and sections from all embryos were carefully selected to show nervous tissues of interest.
Sagittally, the boundaries between the vertebrals are placed on the first, third and fifth neurals, and on the first suprapygal.
As an additional measure of injury size, cryoinjured hearts were sagittally hemisectioned along the base-apex midline of the injury and frozen in optimal tissue cutting media cooled with liquid nitrogen.
Typically, these muscular forces are generated by altering the mandibular position sagittally and vertically, resulting in orthodontic and orthopedic changes.
Brains were removed from the mice postmortem and sagittally sectioned; half of the brain was snap-frozen for biochemical analysis, and the other half was fixed in 10% formal saline for histologic analysis.
Then they were sectioned to a thickness of 56 m horizontally for the disc and sagittally for the joint.
As an alternative to the circumference, some pediatric investigators have described waist size in selected participants by measuring the external diameter sagittally (back-to-front) in the supine position [62-64].
The animals were again anesthetized with sodium pentobarbital and the kidney was cut sagittally 15 min, 30 min, or 24 h after the injection.
A T2-weighted sequence was performed either sagittally or axially.