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In the median longitudinal plane of the body, or parallel to it.



(also sagittal plane), a term used in the anatomy of animals and man to designate planes that pass through the body in an anteroposterior direction. The sagittal plane that passes lengthwise precisely down the middle of the body and divides the body into right and left halves is called the median.

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No cercal lobes on epandrial complex but the connection of the two halves is broad sagittally (Fig.
For testis histological analysis, both gonads were fully sectioned sagittally and all sections were inspected for general histopathological appearance and presence of oocytes within the testicular tissue.
The aging process of the spine sees the facets become more sagittally aligned; decreasing their ability to resist and control shear forces.
A high-resolution, sagittally acquired structural scan was collected with an inversion recovery prepared T1-weighted 3D spiral fast spin echo sequence (Wong et al.
Table 2 Functional Progressions for Dance Parameter Basic Level Progressed Level Movement Patterns Pedestrian stance and Ballet stances and gait skills Cardiovascular 20-40 mins, four times 40 mins, four times per per week, target heart week, alternate aerobic rate with anaerobic bouts of ratio 2 min max heart rate Strength Wide, "parallel" base Sagittally restricted proximal resistance "turned-out" base keeping trunk in distal resistance; sagittal plan moving trunk, upper extremities, head and eye focus throughout frontal and transverse planes Exercise Tempos Slower Faster Mechanical Loads Lighter Heavier Balance Two legs Single leg Grounded base of Narrow base of support support (e.
Continue this suture on the posterior vagina and then the perineal body, sagittally, creating a small invagination in the distal vagina (FIGURE 2J).
Sagittally malpositioned lateral crura represent a frequently overlooked and common problem that has functional and aesthetic implications.
The false vocal cords, also known as the ventricular or vestibular folds, are two thick, sagittally oriented, individually sized mucosal duplications arising from the wall into the lumen of the supraglottic space and forming the medial wall of the laryngeal ventricle (Kutta et al.
A video camera was positioned on either side, sagittally toward the participant, with field of view from the thigh to the top of the head.
Its advantages over CT scanning include an absence of interference and artifact from pelvic bones and the ability to reconstruct images axially, sagittally, or coronally.
Bending the second crystal sagittally gives the option to focus the beam horizontally onto the sample.