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see cactuscactus,
any plant of the family Cactaceae, a large group of succulents found almost entirely in the New World. A cactus plant is conspicuous for its fleshy green stem, which performs the functions of leaves (commonly insignificant or absent), and for the spines (not always
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Los papago comen el fruto del sahuaro: el arbol representa a sus guerreros fallecidos; la bebida que fabrican con el fruto es indispensable en el rito del vino, que se realiza para que vuelva a llover.
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Determinants of the vertical distributions of woodpecker nest cavities in the Sahuaro cactus.
En una parte del estero donde funcionara la marina habia dos avisos del Grupo Mayan Resort que anunciaban la autorizacion de la Secretaria del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Semarnat), con la clave DGVS/SGPA/DGVS/07168, para el "Area de Investigacion Sahuaro Artificial para la Anidacion del Aguila Pescadora".
Mellink and Palacios (1993) reported an osprey nest in the same general area in 1982, and reported several nests along the railroad between Lopez Collada and Sahuaro in 1991 and 1992 (unsure how many occupied).
Effects of intraspecific crowding on water uptake, water storage, apical growth, and reproductive potential in the sahuaro cactus, Carnegiea gigantea.
After graduating from Sahuaro High, she completed firefighter training, following in her father's footsteps.
El crecimiento fue mucho y se dio rapidamente, tan fue asi que llegaron a emplear a 200 personas y en 1988 se tomo la decision de separar la compania en tres empresas: La de servicio, MPS Mayorista y Sahuaro, la fabrica.
Knowing of no other way to show how dangerous the journey was, Annerino walked from El Sahuaro, Mexico, which is a few miles south of the US border and about eighty miles west of Sonoita, Mexico, to Highway 8, east of Yuma, Arizona, through El Camino del Diablo, the Road of the Devil.
Later in Wright's career, when he began building in the southwestern United States and attempted to forge there a distinctly American version of modern architecture, nature continued to be his model (witness the "textile blocks" with which he had planned to build San-Marcos-in-the-Desert, their fluted surfaces echoing the vertical ridges of the local sahuaro cacti and the ledges of the surrounding mesa).
Gregory LaPointe, Correspondence to: Gregory LaPointe, International Systems Institute, The Asilomar Design Conversation Group, 11620E Sahuaro Drive No 2069, Scottsdale, AZ 85259, USA.