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Political context, issue salience, and selective attentiveness: Constituent knowledge of the Clarence Thomas Confirmation Vote The Journal of Politics, 63(3), 846-868.
4 Sometime (0-100min), often (101-200min), very often (201-300) Table 3: Distribution of Respondents Based on Issue Salience (n = 225) Media Level of Frequency Percentage issue salience Newspaper High 121 53.
In a regression analysis we tested the curvilinear and linear relationships between both the salience ratings of intergroup differences and the illusory correlation scores, and the salience ratings of intragroup differences and the illusory correlation scores.
Next, we tested the hypothesis that the effect of condition on the perceived illusory correlation is mediated by the salience of intergroup differences in path analyses according to the procedures of Baron & Kenny (1986).
Results of hierarchical regression analysis of the salience ratings of intergroup differences on three measures of illusory correlation (Study 2) Salience ratings of intergroup differences Linear Curvilinear Predictor [Beta] [R.
These results support our assumption that skewed distributions can increase the salience of either the group or behaviour dimension.
SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS This study investigated the relationship between five different task definitions and store choice/store-attribute saliences in the DIY business.
Task definitions are generally believed to have an important influence on an evaluative criterion's salience (Miller and Ginter, 1979; Dickson, 1982; Engel, Blackwell, and Miniard, 1995).