salt-glazed brick

salt-glazed brick, brown-glazed brick

Brick having a glossy finish, obtained by thermochemical reaction between silicates of clay and vapors of salt or other chemicals, produced in a kiln.
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Realising the commercial prospects of the business, James concentrated first on the production of high quality salt-glazed bricks, still in demand for the building work in progress in Northern cities and as this prospered, he opened an art pottery studio to produce decorative tiles and fine pottery.
Snow Hill was undoubtedly a major station and its walls were adorned with salt-glazed bricks and terracotta cornices to show the station in all its Victorian splendour, making it one of the most famous landmarks in Birmingham.
This magnificent station took the Great Western Railway routes through Birmingham and, as befitting a station of this status, had its walls adorned with salt-glazed bricks and terracotta cornices.