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Transport of a sediment in which the particles are moved forward in a series of short intermittent bounces from a bottom surface.



the intermittent conduction of a nerve impulse along myelinated nerves, whose sheath has a relatively high resistance to electric currents. Regular (every 1–2 mm) microscopic constrictions in the myelin sheath, called the nodes of Ranvier, are found along the length of the nerve. Nerve-impulse conduction along internodal sections is achieved electro-tonically, although the weakening of an impulse is reduced by the insulating properties of myelin. Upon reaching the next node of Ranvier, a signal again increases in strength to the standard level as a result of the generation of an action potential. Thus, the reliable and economical conduction of an impulse along a nerve fiber is ensured: an impulse seems to jump from one node of Ranvier to another.

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Optimizing conveying velocity falls into the "Goldilocks zone." Air velocities below the saltation velocity will create instabilities in the conveying system, the worst being the inability to convey material from pickup point to receiver.
(101) New technologists sometimes call this process by which civilizations emerge "saltation." Civilizations grow by leaps and bounds and that is also how they fall apart.
Heavier materials, such as sand and shells, are typically transported landward during the event as either traction or saltation load, where they roll along the surface at the base of the flow or they roll and occasionally become suspended for short periods, respectively.
Notwithstanding these suggestions, and McHale's unfortunate confusion of social phases with artistic movements, an unprecedented technological saltation precipitated the evolution from modernity to postmodernity.
settling velocity from the air and therefore it is not carried more than few hundred kilometers away by winds, as shown in Figures 4(d) and 4(e); however coarser particles will drop out of suspension first where the role of sandy particles in generation of dust particles by saltation processes is crucial.
Though it is easy to locate stress concentration zone according to the smooth MMM curves like the ones in Figure 1, the actual curves collected are obviously much more complicated than what is in Figure 1, because noise variation is often included when differential derivative technique is employed, which makes it hard to extract the accurate gradient value of signal saltation. In addition, subsurface environment is extremely hostile and has the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, high humidity, and great noise; underground casing is wrapped in thermal-protective coating of a large damping, which results in worse signal-to-noise ratio of weak MMM signal or even totally overwhelmed by noise.
One can find that the polarization fluctuation is strong when the spectrum power-law exponent [alpha] < 11/3, and DP(x, z) has a saltation and reaches the minimum value at a = 11/3, and it increases slowly when [alpha] > 11/3.
Il s'agit entre autres de l'amenagement de la saltation climatique, la creation d'un village touristique, outre un espace pour les amateurs du vol libre [beaucoup moins que]deltaplane[beaucoup plus grand que].