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Transport of a sediment in which the particles are moved forward in a series of short intermittent bounces from a bottom surface.



the intermittent conduction of a nerve impulse along myelinated nerves, whose sheath has a relatively high resistance to electric currents. Regular (every 1–2 mm) microscopic constrictions in the myelin sheath, called the nodes of Ranvier, are found along the length of the nerve. Nerve-impulse conduction along internodal sections is achieved electro-tonically, although the weakening of an impulse is reduced by the insulating properties of myelin. Upon reaching the next node of Ranvier, a signal again increases in strength to the standard level as a result of the generation of an action potential. Thus, the reliable and economical conduction of an impulse along a nerve fiber is ensured: an impulse seems to jump from one node of Ranvier to another.

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In "Frizzy Hair" for example, I needed a dictionary to untangle the terms apotropaic, saltatory, occipital extrusion, and snood.
As a neuroscientist, I am easily excited by the concept of the saltatory conduction of action potentials down a myelinated neuron.
There is good evidence that trauma disproportionately damages small fibers, probably because they lack protective myelin and saltatory conduction.
Kamler, 2002), the ontogeny of organisms should be realistically described based on the saltatory life-history model of embryo, larva, juvenile, adult and senescent periods (e.
32) Indeed, Chambers' peculiar notion of "the operation of the law of development" through the saltatory intervention of a "higher generative law" may well be reflected in Walden's "Higher Laws," all but a few paragraphs of which date from 1852 and after.