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The law defines credible information to include a corporate announcement or corporate filing to its shareholders that it has undertaken transactions with Iran that are potentially sanctionable under ISA.
Finally, the ACTC recommends that the Service not only regularly publish statistics on the types of alleged violations and their disposition, but also hypothetical situations that depict sanctionable behavior, accompanied by a summary of the "significant considerations" that could result in the various Circular 230 sanctions.
WASHINGTON: The World Bank Group debarred a Paris-based manufacturing company for power transmission components for two years, with conditional release, of Sediver SAS, in relation to sanctionable misconduct under the Southern Africa Power Market Project (SAPMP) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
African Development Bank staff and the general public can use the Office of Integrity and Anti-Corruption secured hotlines to report sanctionable practices within the Bank or operations financed by the Bank Group.
The FAQ, however, said such deals are "not necessarily sanctionable.
A UN resolution would add a designation prong making it a sanctionable offense to associate with ISIL and provide more flexibility to go after those who are helping ISIL move, store or earn funds, he added.
Separate and apart from whether an allegation of patent infringement rises to the level of being "exceptional" or otherwise sanctionable, the situation underlying the Summit Data Systems case highlights the importance of determining whether an existing license held by the accused infringer's suppliers, vendors, or major customer runs to the benefit of the accused infringer.
Iran and to forgo any sanctionable business with Iran in the
We've made clear to countries around the world, including Pakistan, that we believe that it's in their interest to avoid activities that could be prohibited by UN sanctions or that could be sanctionable under US law.
According to the paper, when asked if the proposed gas pipeline with Pakistan comes under sanctionable items, Nuland said that as they were being developed she was not in a position to make that kind of assessment.
He explains that there are limited "sanctity of contract" provisions in the more recent US sanctions that target Iran's import and refining of petroleum products, such that an entity would not be sanctioned for honouring contractual obligations that were not sanctionable at the time they were entered into.
The Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010 requires the President to investigate reports of certain sanctionable activity where credible evidence is received and make a determination in writing to Congress whether such activity has indeed occurred.