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An assay that quantifies antigen or antibody by immunochemical means. The antigen can be a relatively simple substance such as a drug, or a complex one such as a protein or a virus. See Antibody, Antigen

The reactants are first mixed so that a varying quantity of one (A) is added to a constant amount of the other (B). The formation of an immune (antigen-antibody) complex is measured as a function of the varied reactant (A). The result is represented by a “standard curve” for reactant A. An unknown sample is tested by adding it to reactant B. The extent of the measured change is referred to the standard curve, and thereby is obtained the amount of reactant A which produces a comparable change. The amount is represented as the content of reactant A in the unknown sample. See Immunofluorescence, Immunology, Radioimmunoassay


A laboratory detection method that uses antibodies to react with specific substances.
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To prepare the assay calibrator for total 25(OH)D sandwich immunoassay on an automated immunoassay platform, we dissolved crystalline 25(OH)[D.
To verify the feasibility of the newly devised system, we examined a sandwich immunoassay with FF beads using BNP, which is a hormone secreted by the heart and a basic biomarker of heart failure, as the target antigen (20, 21).
A new type sandwich immunoassay for microcystin: production of monoclonal antibodies specific to the immune complex formed by microsystin and an anti-microsystin monoclonal antibody.
Plasma concentrations of sGPVI were determined by use of a bead-based sandwich immunoassay and mAb 8E9 reactive with human GPVI as capture antibody.
As was demonstrated in the preliminary studies, sandwich immunoassay [15C4.
This improves sensitivity and significantly reduces overall assay times for routine sandwich immunoassays.
The stepwise miRNA assay protocol is much slower than routine simultaneous incubation sandwich immunoassays (e.
Multiplexed cytokine sandwich immunoassays are capable of measuring dozens of cytokines at the same time.
Multiplexed cytokine sandwich immunoassays are not capable of measuring many cytokines at the same time.
In this study, commercial anticTnI MAbs specific to different epitopes were used as capture antibodies in sandwich immunoassays with an anti-troponin C MAb used as a tracer.
Additionally, sandwich immunoassays require 2 validated antibodies for each constituent protein.