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sand worm,

name applied to a number of marine sand-dwelling WormsWorms
, city (1994 pop. 79,155), Rhineland-Palatinate, SW Germany, on the Rhine River. It is an industrial city and a leading wine trade center. Manufactures include leather goods, textiles, electrical appliances, paints, ceramics, chemicals, and machinery.
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 used as bait in fishing. See Class Polychaeta under AnnelidaAnnelida
[Lat., anellus=a ring], phylum of soft-bodied, bilaterally symmetrical (see symmetry, biological), segmented animals, known as the segmented, or annelid, worms.
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Ben Read, a senior manager on FireEye's espionage analysis team, said his own work corroborated ESET's report and that the Sandworm group was probably responsible.
including details of a Sandworm Team ransomware campaign in March 2017 and
advertises several delicious (to fish, at least) flavors, including crab, squid, sandworm, shad, shrimp, mullet, grub, and leech.
For example, he proposes using Dune in a unit on ecology, comparing sandworm biology with that of Earth creatures, or using Star Trek to illustrate concepts like black holes.
My favorite is a jig, generally a 3/8 to 1/2 ounce bucktail dressed with porkrind or natural baits such as a squid strip or sandworm. Another good bet is to try a similar weight Kastmaster or Hopkins jigging spoon.
impacting thousands of organizations: the Dragonfly campaign, Sandworm
The outage on December 23 was caused or enabled by a piece of malware known as BlackEnergy, known to be used by a Russian cybercrime group called Sandworm that has links to the Kremlin.
The attack has been blamed on Sandworm, a group ( Russian government sponsored hackers  that have spent years harassing Ukrainian officials and their allies.
A power outage in Ukraine by a Russian hacking group called Sandworm is the first known case of a blackout induced by a cyberattack and could presage a year of significant problems for states around the world.
Now the evidence increasingly points to Sandworm, a known group of Russian government-sponsored hackers, as the suspects holding the smoking gun.
An American cyber intelligence company says it has linked a cyberattack that took down electricity in Ukraine to a Moscow-based hacker group known as Sandworm, Reuters ( reported .
BlackEnergy has been around for almost a decade, with previous attacks linked to the Moscow-based hacker group ( Sandworm , which has been associated with the Russian government.