sanitary science

sanitary science,

principles of health preservation, embracing hygienehygiene,
science of preserving and promoting the health of both the individual and the community. It has many aspects: personal hygiene (proper living habits, cleanliness of body and clothing, healthful diet, a balanced regimen of rest and exercise); domestic hygiene (sanitary
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, on an individual level, and public healthpublic health,
field of medicine and hygiene dealing with the prevention of disease and the promotion of health by government agencies. In the United States, public health authorities are engaged in many activities, including inspection of persons and goods entering the country
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, on a communal level. Those who specialize in sanitary science are sanitary engineers. They endeavor to eliminate or reduce health hazards associated with the supply of water and milk, the collection and disposal of sewage and refuse, and the prevalence of rodents and insects. Conditions of noise, air pollution, and improper food handling that threaten the well-being of the public are also their concern. Sanitary engineers have had to develop methods for safely disposing of radioactive waste material at sea and on land. See solid wastesolid waste,
discarded materials other than fluids. In the United States in 1996, nearly 210 million tons—about 4.3 lb. (2 kg) per person daily (up from 2.7 lb./1.2 kg in 1960)—were collected and disposed of by municipalities.
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Micro-organisms, which cause so much disease and pain on earth, have either never appeared upon Mars or Martian sanitary science eliminated them ages ago.
He primarily has in mind students going into health and allied fields such as nursing, dental hygiene, medical assistance, sanitary science, and medical laboratory technology but also such fields as food science, agriculture, environmental science, and health administration.
If the opportunity of the school-room for the dissemination of the principles of sanitary science were properly appreciated and diligently improved by teachers, it would soon come to pass that all classes of the people would pay respect and render obedience to its laws.
As chairman of the Port Sanitary and Hospitals Committee, he has found very congenial work, and by his efforts has assisted materially to make Liverpool a pioneer in sanitary science.
In a thought-provoking paper ("Rethinking Victorian Sanitary Science"), Sally Shuttleworth (University of Oxford, UK) analysed two neo-Victorian novels: Matthew Kneale's Sweet Thames (1992) and Mary Beth Keane's Fever (2013).
in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University, Graduate Study in Sanitary Science from Syracuse University and a B.S.
took the brunt of the shrapnel, and had a sucking chest wound by the time McNamara, a graduate of the New England Institute of Anatomy, Sanitary Science and Embalming, got to him.
During the cholera epidemics of 1849 and 1854, he began studying sanitary science in an attempt to stave off the spread of the disease.
For health and allied health students, such as those in nursing, dental hygiene, medical assistance, sanitary science, and medical laboratory technology, or food science, agriculture, environmental science, and health administration students, Pommerville (microbiology, Glendale Community College) explains the basics of microbiology, including the genetics of microorganisms, the microbial world, their interactions and impact on humans, and major infectious diseases of each body system.
With the exception of such papers as usually find their place in these, the journal will deal with every branch of research directly or indirectly connected with medical and sanitary science, including such subjects as hygiene, sanitary engineering, sanitary laws, statistics, bacteriology, parasitology, entomology, etc.
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