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see plumbingplumbing,
piping systems inside buildings for water supply and sewage. The Romans had a highly developed plumbing system; water was brought to Rome by aqueducts and distributed to homes in lead pipes—hence the name plumbing from the Latin word plumbum for lead.
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; sanitary sciencesanitary science,
principles of health preservation, embracing hygiene, on an individual level, and public health, on a communal level. Those who specialize in sanitary science are sanitary engineers.
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a term once used to designate several branches of public health concerned with the formulation and application of sanitary, hygienic, and counterepidemic measures. Housing, industrial, and food sanitation were distinguished. Sanitation was used in this broad sense in the Soviet public health system until the 1960’s. Today, hygiene is engaged in research on sanitation, and the public health epidemiologic service is concerned with the organization and application of sanitary, hygienic, and counterepidemic measures.


(civil engineering)
The act or process of making healthy environmental conditions.


the study and use of practical measures for the preservation of public health
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The plan also stipulates that state and local governments enforce existing building codes and related legislation regarding the minimum number of sanitation facilities required for buildings and facilities.
Oghale Oddo, USAID deputy mission director Sindh and Balochistan, said there was a dire need to work on sanitation in Sindh to improve the existing conditions.
Sanitation is connected to 19% of Egyptian villages
The establishment of water and sanitation forums follows the call by the Minister of Water and Sanitation, Ms Nomvula Mokonyane, for communities to establish the forums as a way of addressing grievances on the ground.
Kidwai said "We have to embrace sanitation as a cause irrespective of what we believe our CSR missions are as corporates, because sanitation underpins whichever space we believe we are in.
He said that 2,000 workers of Sanitation Directorate, including cleaners, supervisory staff, contractors and their staff, and officers participated in special cleanliness operation across the Capital.
Line sanitation is a relatively infrequent, but very manual process.
Speaking at the conference, Mohamed El Azizi, AfDB's Water and Sanitation Director, recalled that Africa is one of the developing regions who havaaae not met the drinking water and sanitation targets.
To address the problem and continue to improve sanitation in Filipino households, particularly in the rural areas, the DOH yesterday launched the first National Sanitation Learning Exchange in partnership with the WHO and Unicef and the World Bank's Water and Sanitation Program.
6 billion people (roughly a third of the world's population) lack access to adequate sanitation.
The roundtable was organized around a World Bank-supported report entitled Improving Sanitation in the Ger Areas of Ulaanbaatar City to discuss potential areas of support to the Government of Mongolia to implement the report's recommendation: to invest in on-site sanitation in ger areas.
Newly inducted machinery for improving the Sanitation services include thirteen waste compactors, eleven skip lifters, six dump trucks, six mechanical sweepers, twenty tractor trolleys and eight tractors with buckets are among the new machinery which will cope ever-increasing sanitation demands of the city.