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see plumbingplumbing,
piping systems inside buildings for water supply and sewage. The Romans had a highly developed plumbing system; water was brought to Rome by aqueducts and distributed to homes in lead pipes—hence the name plumbing from the Latin word plumbum for lead.
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; sanitary sciencesanitary science,
principles of health preservation, embracing hygiene, on an individual level, and public health, on a communal level. Those who specialize in sanitary science are sanitary engineers.
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a term once used to designate several branches of public health concerned with the formulation and application of sanitary, hygienic, and counterepidemic measures. Housing, industrial, and food sanitation were distinguished. Sanitation was used in this broad sense in the Soviet public health system until the 1960’s. Today, hygiene is engaged in research on sanitation, and the public health epidemiologic service is concerned with the organization and application of sanitary, hygienic, and counterepidemic measures.

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(civil engineering)
The act or process of making healthy environmental conditions.
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the study and use of practical measures for the preservation of public health
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The report recommends for water and sanitation services among the vulnerable populations, including those living with disabilities to be improved.
The KMA has, thus, cleared one hurdle in its commitment to provide proper sanitation for residents of the city.
With regard to hygiene and sanitation, a grant of nearly $2 million will ensure that schools and communities in eight targeted rural areas of Jubek State will benefit from 40 blocks of public/institutional latrines, which have yet to be built, as well as hygiene education, AfDB said.
Aziz has given a presentation on the existing systems of planning, financial and administrative procedure, existing mechanism and master plan for water and sanitation at water and sanitation companies.
In the first phase, sanitation staff from Zone-D is being screened.
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'All the Sanitary Inspectors popularly known as Sanitation Vanguards were engaged by the state government under the leadership of Gov.
However, to provide 'safely managed' water and sanitation to the underserved, at least Rs393 billion per annum 1.4pc of GDP is needed until 2030.
3 billion people lack basic sanitation, with almost half of them forced to defecate in the open.
Poor sanitation is also a major factor in transmission of neglected tropical diseases such as intestinal worms, schistosomiasis and trachoma, as well as contributing to malnutrition.
Launching the first global guidelines on sanitation and health, WHO said the world will not reach the goal of universal sanitation coverage -- where every person in the world has access to toilets that safely contain excreta -- by 2030 unless countries make comprehensive policy shifts and invest more funds.