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a comic device, criticism expressed through scathing mockery. Sarcasm is the strongest form of irony. Although a sarcastic statement is formulated in positive terms, its negative meaning is immediately made apparent; other forms of irony preserve and develop the positive formulation, expressing criticism only by subtle implication. Sarcasm is always tendentious, merciless, and satirical; irony, when used for purposes of humor, is gentle and conciliatory. Unlike simple condemnation, sarcasm does not explicitly criticize but forces the reader himself to reassess the object of satire:

Molchalin! Who else can smooth things out so peacefully!
He knows just when to pet a pug,
And when to slip in a card.

(A. S. Griboedov, Woe From Wit)

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The message comes in a sarcastic tone as it suggests that the day is annually celebrated by the working and the ruling class by merely declaring a public holiday instead of working towards something significant that would be constructive for the diligent labor force of Pakistan.
'There is one lady who is eternally sarcastic. Wala namang utak,' the President said without identifying the senator.
Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said a twist was being given to a comment meant to be sarcastic.
This time, instead of speaking her thoughts and arguing (creating more distance), she chose to "stalk herself," to see if she was sarcastic in some place in her life.
So you find yourself listening to Canawati with his sarcastic style in the beginning of the episode, but end up listening to him holding officials accountable, and in many cases bringing the rights to their owners!
'He's always being sarcastic so maybe he was poking fun (at me),' Malaysiakini quoted Khairy as saying.
The above rash, foul, sarcastic, inappropriate and immoral language against our women shows politicians' misogynist attitude towards women legislators.
Justice Jo'Anne Skrekaf ruled damage to Kent's reputation was "exacerbated by the exaggerations and sarcastic tone in the article (and by) Mr.
The posts were divided between sarcastic comments about Egyptians who joined ISIS and posts from ISIS militants urging Egyptians to join ISIS in Sinai.
LONDON, Rajab 10, 1435, May 9, 2014, SPA -- The English Football Association has fined Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho 13,000 pounds ($16,900) for bringing the game into disrepute with sarcastic comments about match officials.
With his sarcastic "congratulations" messages to referee Mike Dean and referees' chief Mike Riley it was obvious Mourinho was trying to suggest that they had it in for him.