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a comic device, criticism expressed through scathing mockery. Sarcasm is the strongest form of irony. Although a sarcastic statement is formulated in positive terms, its negative meaning is immediately made apparent; other forms of irony preserve and develop the positive formulation, expressing criticism only by subtle implication. Sarcasm is always tendentious, merciless, and satirical; irony, when used for purposes of humor, is gentle and conciliatory. Unlike simple condemnation, sarcasm does not explicitly criticize but forces the reader himself to reassess the object of satire:

Molchalin! Who else can smooth things out so peacefully!
He knows just when to pet a pug,
And when to slip in a card.

(A. S. Griboedov, Woe From Wit)

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But this time, instead of speaking her thoughts and arguing (creating more distance), she chose to "stalk herself," to see if she was sarcastic in some place in her life.
He was equally sarcastic about the performance of referees' chief Mike Riley.
Sarcasm is identified as a common form of contempt that communicates disgust to relational partners wherein the goal of the sarcastic message is to demean the target (Gottman & Silver, 1999).
But it's not nice to be sarcastic, which you recognize.
SIMON AMSTELL Career: At 21, Amstell landed his first TV job as a presenter on the children's channel Nickelodeon, and claims he was sacked for being too sarcastic.
But for now just keep splitting the bill and ignore their sarcastic comments.
One piece of friendly advice, try not to be sarcastic, it is unbecoming from an intellectual like yourself.
And he pulled out a Beretta and shot the sarcastic man dead.
The ambitious 23-year-old says 'The Sarcastic Magician' is her best yet.
Kevin Ralton claimed he had been picked on by bosses at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and got a sarcastic response to handing his notice in.
The many faces of biblical humor; a compendium of the most delightful, romantic, humorous, ironic, sarcastic, or pathetically funny stories and statements in scripture.
Give the word a sarcastic twist, and we're talking about a waste of time.