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a comic device, criticism expressed through scathing mockery. Sarcasm is the strongest form of irony. Although a sarcastic statement is formulated in positive terms, its negative meaning is immediately made apparent; other forms of irony preserve and develop the positive formulation, expressing criticism only by subtle implication. Sarcasm is always tendentious, merciless, and satirical; irony, when used for purposes of humor, is gentle and conciliatory. Unlike simple condemnation, sarcasm does not explicitly criticize but forces the reader himself to reassess the object of satire:

Molchalin! Who else can smooth things out so peacefully!
He knows just when to pet a pug,
And when to slip in a card.

(A. S. Griboedov, Woe From Wit)

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Information minister sarcastically suggests Adiala jail as venue for multiparty conference, asks ex-president to consult lawyers 'within days'Mr Chaudhry also asked Mr Zardari to consult his lawyers instead of meeting political parties.
'Perhaps Kit Siang is affected by amnesia?' Najib sarcastically asked.
WASHINGTON: Russia's foreign minister sarcastically acknowledged the abrupt dismissal of FBI director James Comey by saying "Was he fired?
Talking of the present doctors and nurses pay dispute, he said "nurses", and here he said sarcastically, "Angels of mercy are paid more than hedge fund managers."
0 Gary Bollan last night hit out at Airdrie fans who sarcastically cheered Diamonds sub Taylor Morgan.
How do you expect us to resolve the issue of confronting a Zionist enemy backed by all the nations of the World, Raad sarcastically asked.
Akyol wrote sarcastically, "A Turkey classic: using wrong fonts to produce fake documents."
Lee Cattermole incredibly sarcastically applauded Chris Foy after being booked for a lunge on Gylfi Sigurdsson that was nowhere near the ball.
He was also given two further bans of one match each for sarcastically applauding the official's decision and for remaining in the stands instead of going to the changing rooms after his dismissal.
Andy Murray answered sarcastically in the Q&A session on Facebook that the tennis superstar himself started.
LBC News cut off its normally one-hour Nharkom Saeed (meaning "Have a Good Day") politics show after just seven minutes on Friday after the host Dima Sadek repeatedly sarcastically cautioned her guest -- political analyst and blogger Imad Bazzi -- that various topics were out of bounds.
DAVID Beckham may not yet be ready to confirm Miami as the preferred home for his Major League Soccer franchise, but he was at least willing to sarcastically rule Sir Alex Ferguson out as his first managerial appointment.