sarking felt

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underlayment, 1
1. A material such as plywood or hardboard placed on a subfloor to provide a smooth, even surface for applying the finish.
2. The material, usually No. 15 felt, used to cover a roof deck before shingles are applied; also called underfelt.
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These are used instead of slates or tiles and underneath they penetrate through the sarking felt.
All of this staining was beneath a hole in the sarking felt leading to the ventilation tile.
If you have the usual black bitumen-based sarking felt you need to incorporate additional ventilation in the roof space.
As the rain seeps through, so it drips on to the sarking felt laid beneath the roof tiles and slates.
The important part of the repair is to ensure that the new repaired sarking felt is extended down into the gutter again.
The bitumen based sarking felt has a life of at best 20 years before it starts to fail.