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(22.) Sarks J, Arnold J, Ho I V, Sarks S, Killingsworth M.
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Around lunchtime you'd have a couple of Cutty Sarks over - and water.
In (d), the stroke on ks in sarks "flesh"--ks being the Greek letter--is called syllabic (see also [section]10 on p.
This word is again Greek in origin, coming as it does from the words sarks 'flesh' and phag - a root meaning 'to eat'.
In Hurston's symbolic North, Esu-Elegba's active instigation exposes the relationship between interior depth and inter-personal connections when he forces Janie to confront her failing relationship with Jody Sarks. The newly active role requires more specific insight into Esu-Elegba's significance in diasporic interpersonal processes.
Sarks Dawn Klingberg This dank, gloomy essay into the supernatural tries hard to create an intriguing mood in which fate guides the lives of its wounded protagonists, but few will be interested in the outcome.