sash holder

sash fast, sash fastener, sash holder

sash fast
A fastener, screw, or latch for holding two window sashes together to prevent their being opened; often attached to the meeting rails of a double-hung window.
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Also showing their skills at the competition were Bodie Miles, eights, a purple sash holder, who came an excellent runner up in his first full contact tournament while four six year olds - Thomas Harris, Marlee Warwick, Regan and Aiden Barrow - who train at the Coventry Academy's Little Tiger programme, fought with real maturity and courage in their categories as did debutant Jake Holder, 11, who trains within the kick-boxing discipline.
The trio of black sash holders were led-year-old Charlotte Burkinshaw, aged 15, with younger brothers Cameron, 11, and Callum Burkinshaw, nine, all coming first in their respective categories to complete a memorable occasion for the family.