sash weight

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sash weight, sash counterweight

A weight (usually of cast iron) used to balance a vertically sliding sash.
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Perry does a quick scissors over the checker door, shoves an empty tub in place and unclips a sash weight, and then, with another scissors, muscles 50 pounds of tub and line astern.
If your house was built before about 1940, you'll likely have double-hung windows with sash weights and cords like the ones shown in this article.
Then, run a weight (a sash weight, holed brick, or old-time cannonball gate weight) to the middle of the chain.
Tie the cord to the old sash weight and pull it taut, allowing the weight to rest on the bottom of the cavity.
* Heavy-gauge materials hang straight, without the need for sewn hems or cumbersome sash weights