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(building construction)
A frame for window glass.
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Any framework of a window; may be movable or fixed, may slide in a vertical plane, or may be pivoted.
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sash, window sash

Any framework of a window; may be movable or fixed; may slide in a vertical plane (as in a double-hung window) or may be pivoted (as in a casement window); a pivoted sash also is called a ventilator, 2.
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Make 8 sashes. Sew 14 section 2's and 6 blocks together as shown to make a row.
Since [absolute value of [[SIGMA].sub.- 1]] = 0 and [absolute value of [[SIGMA].sub.-1]] = 1, there is a bijection between Pell permutations of length n and sashes of length n - 1.
The university, having tired of the old scrape-and-paint routine, is going with aluminum sashes for the approximately 400 windows in the building.
There were local variations to the vertical sliding types, such as the horizontal sliding sashes. No need for counterbalances but even less efficient than the vertical sliding types.
It can also make many things besides sashes. I make tea towels and scarves on it.
Cream sashes were presented in order of seniority to those who have taken Ajivatthamaka Sila (The Eight Precepts with Right Livelihood as the Eighth) for life.
Joseph for 53 years, was shocked when she, along with others wearing rainbow-colored sashes in solidarity with Dignity Twin Cities, Catholic Rainbow Parents, the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities, and Rainbow Sash Alliance, were denied Communion.
Its members wear the multi-coloured sashes proclaiming their allegiance as they go forward to receive Communion--to which they consider themselves entitled.
conveners of the international Rainbow Sash Movement, a gay Catholic protest group in which gay and lesbian Catholics enter cathedrals and parishes around the world on Pentecost Sunday wearing rainbow-colored sashes. If they are denied communion, they remain standing in protest while the rest of the congregation sits.
Another feature is an integral finger lift and checkrail interlock which snug the two sashes together to (when latched) to seal out air and water.
The sash configuration options include vertical rising (with or with out a Fame), horizontal sliding with multiple panel options, and combination sashes, which take advantage of the benefits of both vertical and horizontal operations.
The sashes retail for about $20 each; call Living with Art (650/322-2635) for ordering in formation.